How many teams will we be fielding?

  • It will depend on our registration numbers, but we expect the following:
    • (1) A/B Team consisting of a mix of 7th and 8th Graders
    • (1) C Team consisting of a mix of 5th and 6th Graders
    • (1) D Team consisting of a mix of 2nd (with waiver, case by case), 3rd, & 4th Graders

What is our divisions and what towns will we play?

  • There are (2) divisions we will play in the Kitchin Division:  Swampscott, Lynnfield, Amesbury, Ipswich/Triton, Manchester/Essex, Newburyport
  • We will play cross division games, too. We are working HARD and anticipate we will get games against Marblehead.

What is the season?

  • The season starts later, not until September.
  • It looks like there will be a 7game regular season with playoffs
  • This means we will not start practicing until later in August
  • CAYFL does not require conditioning
  • There are competitive playoffs for A & C teams
  • There is a non-competitive playoff for D teams, really, just 2 extra games at the end of the season. No trophy, just for fun

Is this new league weight based?

  • CAYFL does have weight restrictions
  • The QBs, RBs, any Receivers must weigh in. If you are going to run with a ball, there is a weight requirement
  • There is a weigh in for players that will run the ball before every game. The scale is set in the maximum weight, and if the player is going to be used to run the ball, they stand on the scale, in full pads, other than a helmet, and if under, they are OK to run, if over, they have to play offensive line or defense only
  • If a player is definitely not going to be running with a ball, then they don’t even have to weigh in.
  • Maximum Weights:
    • A Teams 158 lbs.
    • B Teams 158 lbs.
    • C Teams 120 lbs.
    • D Teams 93 lbs.

How do I pay for my child to play?

  • There are (4) ways to pay
  • Credit Card Online-Full or Payment Plan
  • ACH Online-Full or Payment Plan
  • Check/Cash Offline-Payment in Full ONLY
  • Board Member or sent to PO Box

Payment Plan

  • All payment plans can ONLY be done online with a credit card or ACH
  • There will be a $50 deposit at registration and then the credit card/account will be billed once a month for (4) months. The dates of withdrawals will show up at the time of registration
  • Football is $250
  • Cheering is $225
  • Additional sibling is $150 each


What will my child need for uniforms and equipment?

  • Players will be required to purchase a girdle this year. Most already do.
  • They will also need to purchase cleats, mouth pieces, possibly chin straps, and possibly game socks. We don’t foresee any other required purchases
  • We will have new Adidas uniforms that are provided for the season for each player, and returned at the end of the season. Home Jersey, Away Jersey, Non-integrated (no pads built in) game pants

What is the Practice Schedule?

  • CAYFL does not have any practice requirements, other than no town can start practice before the 2nd Monday in August. We will most likely start later than that.
  • We still need to determine the number of practices per week and the duration.
  • We plan on having the same regular field practices across the board. Individual coaches might have additional practices/meetings/walk through, etc.

MPRs (Minimum Player Requirements)

  • CAYFL does not require MPRs, but we will have our own requirements similar to our old league.
  • We feel it’s important that all children play and gain a love for the game!